Dear Friends of the Peggy Bowman Second Chance Fund,

We frequently hear this question: “How can we help to truly make a difference to the pro-choice movement in Kansas”? Since we believe in choice, here are choices to help you find your best way to help PBSCF:

  • Donate money! Simply put, every woman who appeals to our fund for help in paying for an abortion needs financial assistance. When she makes arrangements with a clinic and needs financial aid, we are contacted to contribute a portion of the cost. Our funding goes directly to the service provider. We are proud that, so far, we’ve never denied a request for help. We are also proud that every dollar raised goes to help a Kansas woman.
  • Volunteer to staff a table at an area event or arrange for a PPBSCF board member to speak to your club or organization.
  • Designate PBSCF as recipient of business donations where you shop. For example, Dillon’s Community Rewards program gave PBSCF more than a $100 last year. Although we are not informed of donor’s names, we estimate last year’s funding came from just four or five shoppers. Think how much the donation could increase if 20 or 50 people named PBSCF as their donor option. It doesn’t cost you anything. Here’s the process:

o   Go to

o   After signing in, navigate to extreme bottom, near left side

o   Look for column titled “Community”

o   Next find “Dillons Community Rewards”

o   Designate Peggy Bowman Second Change Fund. It is No. 23026

  • Check out for another donor option.
  • Tell your friends about us. Then send us their names and email addresses to receive our newsletter. We are low-key, but we need to get the word out that Kansas women need our help.
  • Consider this. Just last week a young man posted his birthday request on Twitter. He wrote: Here’s a thing I learned about yesterday – A charity that helps people in Kansas that needs funds for abortion services. There are only 3 clinics in KS, so expenses can be daunting when considering travel, hotel, missed work, childcare. Give them $5 for me. (Those $5 donations added up!)
  • Many thanks for your past support. Remember, women needing abortions need our help now more than ever.

Sandy Brown